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Wild Pistacia

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Wild Pistacia is also known as Terebinth, and this one is straight from the history books. With biblical references to its importance, it is known as a symbol of immortality. Our wild pistacia stands vibrant, mild fragranced and will definitely uplift your day.

Wild Pistacia is coniferous oil and native the middle eastern region. We don't want to say magical elixir, but Terebinth could be helpful with rheumatic pain, gout, neuralgia, sciatica and muscular aches in general. It has a warm, balsam, and resinous aroma, This will smooth, strengthen and nourish your skin and is particularly good at treating dry skin conditions. 

This bar is great for all skin types but suited better for dry skin. 

All-Natural Ingredients:

  • Premium Olive Oil
  • Wild Pistacia Oil
  • Aqua
  • Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)
  • Natural Pigment