Handmade Soaps with All Natural Ingredients


When we say all natural ingredients we mean ONLY ALL-NATURAL ingredients. 

There are many so-called natural soap sellers, who claim that their products are made from all natural ingredients. Well, that may be only partially true for their bars of soap. 

Many novices and hobbyist soap makers tend to resort to using readymade soap bases onto which they add extracts and oils. On the surface this seems to be fine, till you start looking at the components of the extracts and especially the soap base. This soap base often contains surfactants, preservatives and synthetic glycerin. 

Others add colours and fragrances to give those marvellous bright shades and smells. Issue is that often these colours and fragrances too are synthetic. It's often an oversight. Simply in the desire to create something, they are using ingredients readily available, or trying to make their products look attractive. 

Just look at this. Although this batch of handmade soap may look inviting and 'oh so cute' - you do not want to be rubbing dyes on your skin. These are definitely not fully natural soap bars.


The truth is, pure unprocessed high quality ingredients are hard to come by and rare. 

But at The Savon Co. we live by the code of only premium, locally sourced, organically or naturally grown ingredients, no added colours or synthetic fragrances. Pine tar oil from mediterranean pine trees, native. Virgin cold pressed olive oil from the ottoman empire. Rose extract from real pose petals.

So whereas the scents in are products are not as strong, they are completely natural as is the pigment for the attractive colours. They will change from batch to batch and vary in the final product that you get. But that is what you will get from All- Natural ingredients, natural variation and pure goodness.