Eco Friendly Natural Soaps

What is commercial soap doing to our environment? Is this really as good as they advertise?

Have a look at the ingredients list from this very popular global brand of commercial soaps. How many of these ingredients do you recognize and know?

It's probably obvious, that if you aren't a chemist, most of these ingredients are a complete mystery. And if you are a chemist, then you may already know of the known issues of some of the ingredients listed here. 

Now consider what these mysterious chemicals are doing to your skin and the environment. 

For your sake let us look at the first ingredient - SODIUM LAUROYL ISETHIONATE, in this multi million selling commercial brand of soap. 

Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate is a known surfactant or detergent added to products as a cleansing agent and to impart lather in shampoos, body washes, facial care, and toothpastes. 

There are two very important known issues to highlight to you here. Firstly the impact of Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate on the human body. According to Transparency Market Research - "it can be harmful to the skin and can cause irritation when used in higher concentrations or in quantities above the standard limits"

Secondly, detergents like these have a severe impact on our environment. Once detergents are discharged into the waterways it promotes algae growth. These sudden algae blooms trigger a process called eutrophication in which water supplies become oxygen starved, where living organisms die – killing fish and aquatic life. You can read more about this here.

The Soaps you are buying from us contain no detergents. We do not add any surfactants, detergents, or anything synthetic. What washes your skin is not a danger to you. And what washed down the drain is 100% Eco Friendly and won't harm anything. Check them out.