Handcrafted Natural Artisan Soap

From multi-national corporations, to weekend garage DIY fanatics, soap makers come in many forms. However, their experience and environments that they make soaps in, dramatically affects both the quality and benefits of the soap they produce.

This is Lateef. An artisan.

He and his family have over 50 years of experience, knowledge, skill and passion. For soap making.

This is the major difference between master soap makers making natural artisan soaps and everyone else.

Soap making is an artform, especially when it comes to bar soap.

Around the world, there is a rich history of natural soap making. One of these  areas of interest in ancient soap making is the eastern Mediterranean, or Levant Region— particular Aleppo, Syria. This region is home of the famous Aleppo Soap, traditionally comprised of just three main ingredients, olive oil, laurel oil, and soda (lye).

The soap makers boil this trio together, in a large cistern, with a wood fire underneath, for hours, before finally pouring it onto an ancient stone floor to cool. They then cut this room sized loaf into soap sized squares with wires and cutting knives in a process that is thought to date to 300 AD. 

It's amazing that soap making methods this old have not really been improved upon in terms of quality. This is some seriously good soap, better than most North American hands will ever get to enjoy in their daily washing routine.

This amazing tradition, however, has been severely damaged with the conflict in the area, causing many businesses to be displaced to nearby country’s or destroyed all together. Let's hope they can get their lives and traditions back soon.

The soaps you buy from this website are made in similar centuries old traditional ways by masters like Lateef, artisans soap makers who put their hearts inside their soap making craft.

This is not made by amateur hobbyists in their kitchen or garage. This has a history, perfected over decades not just a few years. 


That’s is what handcrafted by master artisans brings to you. That is the quality you are buying today.

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