About Us


We are first and foremost nature lovers and avid travel enthusiasts. A husband & wife team with intense people facing roles, we also have a keen interest in taking care of our skin.

On a trip to Georgia, a traditional and unique land at the crossroads of Asia & Europe, in a small town marketplace we came upon a wall lined with the most amazing, knitwear, rare decorations and handmade gifts. We then came across the grand 85-year young lady artisan behind these intricate creations, who was not only sustaining herself but also the community around her through her artwork. Her products were truly exceptional, high quality locally milled wool, natural dyes and the most amazing creativity and attention to detail.

This was the birth of the basic idea behind The Savon Co.

amazing old lady artisan making handcrafted woolen knitwear and gifts


exceptional display of handcrafted artisan products lining wall old lady handmade products natural textile

Our journey has just begun, we simply want to be the bridge between these gifted traditional artisans who sustainably make exceptional quality products, that empower and sustain their communities and on the other side of the bridge, all of us who want to enjoy luxury; we can now enjoy the amazing handcrafted hidden gems that these master artisans make.

That is our story.

Well the beginning of it… Click here to see the beginning of that. 

With love,

The Coutinhos of The Savon Co.