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with the most exclusive handcrafted soaps in the world

· Nourishes your skin and body with the purest natural ingredients

·Alleviates skin conditions without harmful chemicals

·Completely safe for the environment

·Handcrafted by master soapmakers

·Using the orginal soapmaking technique dating to 1688

For you now, the exclusive Classe Supérieure Collection, handcrafted in Turkey. 

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From wild, woody and masculine to soff, soothing and sensual. This unisex collection of soaps has something for every situation. Use Lavender to relax stressed skin, Wild Pistacia to heal sunburns and abrasions, Juniper Tar for oily days and Rose Petals for hydration.

Experience the magic for yourself everyday or gift this to a loved one as a special memorable gift.

"Love it!"

I have tried many natural soaps and this is my favorite. It has a nice light scent not heavy perfume. It leaves you squeaky clean without a mess of chems and additives all over you.

Pam, USA

"One shower, and I'm hooked"

I was skeptical of this product, seemed expensive, but I took 1 shower, used this soap, and I will be buying more of these. You feel great..the scent is fantastic..

Dan, USA

"Great smell and feel"

Bought this for my boyfriend and immediately noticed the scent through the box. It smells so good! It leave his skin nice and soft too. Produces a nice lather.

Kylie P, Canada

"Smells like actual roses"

Love this soap, just bought another one. This soap is different because it smells like actual roses. It's not just a rose-like scent, like many lotions and soaps, it's clearly actual roses in the soap...

Keith W, USA

Our Guarantee

Only the finest and most exclusive handcrafted natural soaps. Made by masters with generations of history, in the tradtional soapmaking methods. Supporting these artisans and their communites. Rare, pure and exotic premium ingredients.

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We are a boutique brand trying to bring better skincare to your doorstep.

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You can also reach us at: The Savon Co., Mau Cheun House, Shui Cheun O Estate, Shatin, Hong Kong